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A quick introduction to Zoho Reports, the best way to get started with the service
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Spreadsheet-like Interface


New users will feel comfortable working with Zoho Reports as the interface closely resembles a spreadsheet. You can use the 'Spreadsheet-like' interface for easy data collection (add/edit), analysis and reporting

Printer-friendly Reports


All the reports can be exported into a printer-friendly PDF files. You can customize the headers and footers in the PDF. You can also generate page numbers and table of contents.

Zoho Reports also supports exporting your reports & dashboards into CSV, XLS, PDF, Image and HTML file formats



Extensible Development Platform


Independent Software Vendors, Developers and System Integrators can use the powerful Zoho Reports development platform to build/integrate reporting and analytical capabilities into their business applications.


Zoho Reports API is a powerful HTTP based Web API, that provides methods for Data Integration (add, modify, delete and fetch data), Meta data handling (fetch details about your reporting databases and reports), Dynamic Reports Embedding (embed reports in a web page on the fly), Sharing Reports  and User Sign-in & Sign-up. 

Zoho CloudSQL technology, allows developers to interact with business data stored in Zoho Reports using the familiar SQL language.


Powerful Re-branding and White Label options further enables developers to easily add powerful business intelligence capabilities to their product/application.



Data Portability


At Zoho, we don't believe in having our customers' data hostage. In Zoho Reports we offer multitude of options to port your data out anytime. You can easily export your data and reports into CSV, XLS, PDF or HTML data file formats..


Highly Secure


We take security of our user data seriously. We have elaborate process & practises in place to ensure privacy, security and safety of our users data. Also, Zoho Reports always uses HTTPS (SSL) connection for any communication. 


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