Who should use Zoho Reports?

Any Department - Power "Data Analytics" with Zoho Reports

Who should use Zoho Reports?

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Zoho Reports for any type of Departmental Analytics

Apart from the departments discussed in detail (Sales, Marketing, Finance) , Zoho Reports can virtually be used in any department in an organization where there is a need for continuous data collection, analysis and report generation for business decision making & insights. You can use Zoho Reports as the On-Demand, Collaborative Business Intelligence & Reporting service in any of the functional departments like


  • Customer Service
  • Operations
  • Human Resources
  • And Many More...

Contact us support@zohoreports.com, if you need any assistance to know how you can use Zoho Reports for your business intelligence and reporting needs.


Makes our processes more efficient and saves us money- Gabor Sved, CFO
Neckermann Hungary

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