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Chart Creation


For creating a chart, click on the New Report icon (highlighted in the screen shot to the left).


You would be prompted to select the table (which contains the data) on which you need to create the chart. 


Or, you can click on New Chart View after selecting the corresponding table (or Query Table) on which you would like to create the chart upon.

Also watch "Creating Charts Video" 




Drag and Drop based Chart Creation


Use the intuitive drag and drop based designer to construct the required chart


Drag and Drop the columns listed on the left pane and place them in the appropriate shelves in the design area.


  • Select the X and Y axis columns. Note that you can have multiple columns in Y axis.
  • Drop the data column that is to be plotted for coloring, in the 'Color' field
  • Drop the column whose value is to be displayed as text on the chart, in the 'Text' field
  • Drop the necessary columns to be shown in the tool tip
  • In each of the columns dropped, select the function to apply using the drop-down box provided over the column

Click on the "Generate Graph" link



A Bar chart generated based on the columns dropped

View Underlying Data


Data underlying the overall chart or a point in the chart can easily be viewed by clicking on specific point in the chart (Data drill-down). 


In the screenshot, sales data from region "East" in the year "2013" is displayed by clicking on the corresponding bar in the chart.

Multiple Y - Axis


You can create charts with multiple Y - axis. To the left is an example chart having Sales, Cost & Profit as the Y-axis.

Applying Powerful Filters


You can apply powerful filters over charts by selecting the "Filters" tab in the design area . These are design time filters applied when you create a chart

To the left is a screen shot of the Sales-Cost-Profit data chart with the filter applied for years 2012 & 2013 alone..

New Snapshot

Dynamic Filters for User Interaction


Zoho Reports allows you to include dynamic filtering capability in the reports you create called User Filters. 

User filters enables your users who access the report, to apply filters on the data displayed. 

You can include any column to be exposed as part of User Filters by selecting the "User Filters" tab.

The screenshots has the columns Date (showing Years) &  Product Category listed as user filters


Chart Types


You can choose to view your chart in any of the wide range of chart types offered by Zoho Reports.

Zoho Reports supports Line, Scatter, Bar, Stacked Bar, Pie, Funnel, Ring, Area, Web and Table chart types. Both 2D and 3D charts are supported.


Also watch "Creating Charts Video"   

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