Tracking Interview Schedules and Events

Schedule multiple Interviews and Events

Zoho Recruit - Applicant Tracking System with Zoho Calendar and Google Calendar Integration makes your personal and organization scheduling a lot more easier. You can easily access and manage your personal and organization calendar from within Zoho Recruit.

The Events feature in Zoho Recruit allows you to create and schedule multiple events like Interview, Call, Meeting and so on - for you, your client contacts, organization members, etc. This helps you to plan and manage your events in an excellent way. Once an event is scheduled, it is automatically plotted on your Zoho Calendar and Google Calendar, so keeping track of your commitments with Candidates and Client Contacts is no more a difficult task. You can also set a reminder to avoid missing any event.


  • Schedule multiple events
  • Scheduled events and interviews gets automatically plotted into Zoho Calendar and Google Calendar
  • Track all your commitments easily
  • Keep your events organized
  • Avoid missing any event

Automate your Recruitment Process

Track Openings, Resumes, Candidates and Clients

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