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Have a quick snapshot of the latest happenings in your organization like recent activities, active job openings, active candidates, today's interviews and colleagues who's part of your organization.

Job opening list

Check out the list of all job openings, and also view only your/hot job openings. In addition, view job opening status, post a new job opening, publish in website and export all job openings.

Job opening detail

Get to know more about a job opening. Add notes to this job opening, edit job status, associate resume, publish in website and view the recent activities associated with it.

Candidate list

Provides a quick view of all candidates within your system. Associate candidate with a job opening, import candidate list and tag a candidate.

Candidate detail

Learn more about a candidate. Add your comments about the candidate, forward resumes to clients, schedule interview, add to hot list and send emails.

Interviews list

Take a look at the list of interviews that are scheduled. Further, schedule new inteviews, export interview list and view the candidates pending for decisions.

Add users

Add users to your system and configure access permissions to decide who can do what, in few seconds. Also, view the list of existing users.

Bulk emails

Reach your candidates faster by sending bulk emails. Create your message or select an existing template while sending emails.

Client list

View your entire client list and get an instant access to it. Customize the client form with new
fields in accordance with your requirements.

Client details

View your client details to know more about them. Add notes based on the meetings, view forwarded resumes and associated job openings.


Take control of your system as an administrator and make changes to the global settings. Customize logo, set email alerts, import/export account history and configure account preferences.

Custom field

Create custom fields according to your requirements in every module. Include new sections to forms, re-arrange sections and drag-drop available fields.

Automate your Recruitment Process

Track Openings, Resumes, Candidates and Clients

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