Receiving Emails

When you receive an Email, the Zoho Mail servers fetch it into the Zoho Mailbox. The same mail is then fetched into Zoho Recruit. The received mails that are related to the particular candidate, client or client contact will then get listed under the Emails section in that Candidate, Client or Client Contact page respectively.

Important Notes

  1. After configuring your Zoho Mail Add-on as an Account with record-level sharing option, you need to enable sharing option for each Candidate, Client or Client Contact.
  2. Candidates, Clients and Client Contacts with no Email address will not display any mails in their Email section.
  3. Changes made in the Email address (for Candidates/Clients/Client Contacts) will fetch only the mails linked to the new Email address. Mails linked to the previous Email address will no more be available in the Zoho Recruit.
  4. Change in the Mailbox (Email address configured for Zoho Recruit) will not display the Emails of the previously configured Mailbox. These Emails will however be available in Zoho mail.
  5. Emails for the deactivated users will not get displayed in the Candidates, Clients or Client Contacts page. However, the Emails can be viewed in the individual's mail account.

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