How to add a section with the list of job openings in careers website page?

You can add a section in careers website page to list all the job openings.

To add a section with list of job openings:

  1. Click Settings tab.
  2. Click Careers website page, at the right panel.
  3. Click Edit page.
  4. Click Add new section.
  5. Select Add a Section to List Published Jobs.
  6. In Add List of Published jobs pop-up box, you can setup job opening list, candidate fields and email alerts.

    a) In Setup job opening list tab, you can perform the follwing actions:

    - Select a job opening custom view.
    - Choose the job opening (detail page) fields.
    Click Advanced settings.

    - Change the look and feel by selecting a background and text color for the job opening list table.
    - Select an option to show only job opening / both job opening list and search box.
    - Choose job opening fields to list it in table.
    - Compose a blank state message to display when there's no published job openings.
    - Enter a text to customize the Apply Now button and select an option to show in both job opening list page and detail page / show only in detail page / don't show.
    - Click Ok.
    b) In Setup candidate fields tab, you can perform the following actions:

    - Choose candidate form fields.
    - You can either compose an acknowledgement message or redirect to another url to show candidates after the form submission.
    - Enter text to customize the candidate form title

    c) In Customize Email Alerts tab, you can perform the following actions:

    - Tick the box "Send email to candidate" and Compose an email message.
    - Tick the box "Send email to assigned recruiter and Client manager" and compose an email message.

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