How to add users?

The User who signs up with Zoho Recruit becomes an Admin by default, for the respective organization. The Admin, can add other users and assign different permissions.

Types of Users

Recruiter Admin: With the Admin access, users can add, edit and delete the data.
Recruiter: Users with Recruiter access can only add and edit the data.
Interviewer: With Interviewer access, users can only view the interviews assigned to them and the related data. This option is available only in the Internal Recruitment module.
Guest: Users with Guest access can only view the data.

To add users:

  1. Click Users tab.
  2. Click Add User, located at the right panel.
  3. Enter the User details, provide the access permission and click Add.
  4. Once added, the system automatically sends an invitation email to the user's email address provided by the admin.
  5. The users accepts the invitation by clicking the Access link in the email within 7 days of receiving it.
  6. After accepting the invitation the user can access Zoho Recruit account, that is associated with the organization's account.

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