How to add custom "From" address?

By default the user(sender) email address will be displayed in "from" address. Zoho Recruit - Applicant Tracking System helps you to add custom "from" address to send email. This helps you to manage multiple email account inside Zoho Recruit.
Note: Only Recruiter Admin can add custom from address.

To add custom "From" address:

  1. Click Settings tab.
  2. Click Custom "From" address & Signature, located at the right panel.
  3. Click Add custom "From" address.
  4. Enter the Display name and Email address of the new From address and click Next step.
  5. Click Send verification, to verify the email address.
  6. The new "From" address wll be listed once it is verified.


* By default the email address of the user who sends the mail will be used as "From" address.
* Only verified email addresses will be listed.

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