When I try to assign a status to a candidate, all the candidate status is not showing up. Why?

In Zoho Recruit Applicant Tracking System the candidate status is categorized into two:

  1. Candidate Status - Changing the status of the candidate such as interview in progress, submitted to client, approved by client, etc.
  2. Candidate with reference to the job opening - Status like hire, reject, on-hold, withdraw, etc., will appear only if the candidate is associated to a job opening.

You can add your own custom status for candidates. This option is available only in paid edition.

To add custom status for candidates:

  1. Click Candidates tab.
  2. Click Customize the candidate detail, located at the right panel.
  3. Mouse-over Resume Status(picklist field) and click Edit this field.
  4. Click Add choice and enter a custom status.
  5. Click Add.

To change the status of an associated candidate, click here.

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