How to import candidate details from documents?

Importing candidate details from documents is one of the main feature in an applicant tracking system. Zoho Recruit's integration with Sovren, automatically parses the candidate details from documents and adds them into your candidate database, along with the original resumes attached. The records are easily searchable. You can import the documents individually or in bulk. Once the import activity is done, the status will be notified through an email.

Note: This feature is available only in Standard Edition. Learn more 

To Configure Field mapping:
You can map fields on your own and confirm before parsing the resume. Learn more

To import resumes from documents:

  1. Go to Candidates tab.
  2. Click Import from document, located at the right panel.
  3. Click Click here to browse file(s) link and add the file from your desktop.
  4. Click Import.

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