How to import Clients and Client Contacts data from Zoho CRM?

Once the mapping is done successfully, now you can import the Clients and Client Contacts from Zoho CRM into Zoho Recruit. Both Accounts and Contacts data will be fetched from Zoho CRM.

Note: When you fetch the Clients data from Zoho CRM, the contacts related to those clients will also be imported into Zoho Recruit, and vice versa.

To import data from Zoho CRM:s

    1. Click Client/Client contacts tab.
    1. Click Import from Zoho CRM located at the right panel.
    1. Choose any one of the option to fetch data from Zoho CRM.

      Note: Choose the custom views created for Accounts and Contacts in Zoho CRM to import into Zoho Recruit.
    2. For duplicate records, click any one of the options (skip or overwrite).
  1. Click Import from Zoho CRM.
    Once successfully imported an email notification will be sent to you.

Click here to see how to import Client Contact Notes from Zoho CRM.

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