How to schedule an event?

Zoho Recruit helps you to easily create and schedule multiple events for Candidates and Client Contacts. Adding, Editing and Deleting events can be done by anyone in the organization. While scheduling an event you can invite both the Zoho users and non Zoho users to attend the event. Scheduled events will be automatically plotted into Zoho Calendar (for all Zoho users) and Google Calendar (for only Google Apps users).

To Schedule an Event:

  1. Click Module tab.
    Note: Module refers to Candidates and Client Contacts tab.
  2. Click on a particular Candidate/Client Contact.
  3. In the record detail page, click Events tab.
  4. Click Schedule an event.
  5. In the event creation box, enter the required details and click Add.
    The event is now scheduled and added to the Events list.


- Except the Interviewer, the Admin, Recruiter and Guest can view all the scheduled events (except those marked as private).
- Interviewer can only view the events assigned to him/her.
- Only the Event Owner can edit/delete the event.
- Once an event is created, the event details will be sent to the Invitess through an email.
- The reminder email will be sent only to the Event Owner who created the event.

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