How to create SMS templates?

You can create sms messages to send to candidates and contacts.
- To use the SMS Add-on feature, Admin has to purchase the SMS Add-on, which is priced at $25/org/month
- Only Admin can purchase credits from SMS Vendor and Configure the SMS settings in Zoho Recruit
- Only Admin can create SMS templates for Candidates , Contacts and Interviewer.
- Admin and Recruiter can send SMS to Interviewer, Candidates and Contacts as Single/Bulk.
- Only Admin can give SMS add-on access to the Recruiters.
To create SMS template:
  1. Click Settings tab.
  2. Click SMS Settings, at the right panel.
  3. Click Add SMS Template.
  4. In the Add SMS Template page,
    - Select the Template type
    - Enter the Template name
    - Merge fields
    - Compose message
  5. Click Create template.

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