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Source and Reach Candidates

    1. Embed resume form

      Embed Resume Form

      Easily capture candidate information with our website form. It automates the process of getting resumes from your website into Zoho Recruit.

    2. Hot list

      Hot Lists

      For easy reference, mark the hot candidates who are active and fit for the current job requirement, as "Starred".

    3. Parse resume

      Parse Resumes

      Zoho Recruit is integrated with Sovren and eGrabber, resume parser tools, which helps to parse multiple resumes and transfers candidate details directly into Zoho Recruit candidate database.

    4. Bulk candidate import

      Bulk Candidate Import

      Easily add multiple candidates with our import or grabber options and upload the attachments as a zip.

    5. Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook

      Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook

      Connect your Outlook Inbox to Applicant Tracking System, which helps you to add incoming emails as Candidates and Contacts to Zoho Recruit.

    6. Parse Resumes from Email Attachments

      Parse multiple resumes automatically from your email attachments and transfer the candidate details directly into Zoho Recruit.

    7. Corp-Corp.com integration

      Corp-Corp.com integration

      Easily source talent specific towards the IT industry. Post jobs automatically from Zoho Recruit - Applicant Tracking System into Corp-Corp, and get the best talent instantly.

    8. LinkedIn Integration

      LinkedIn Integration

      Link candidates and client contacts with their LinkedIn profiles and view their information such as position, company, city, and business & professional activity. You can also send notes and invitations to candidate and client contacts, via LinkedIn, from the Zoho Recruit UI.

    9. Corp-Corp.com integration

      Sponsor your jobs on Indeed.com

      Get your jobs featured in Indeed search results and reach more candidates quickly

    10. LinkedIn Integration

      Post Jobs on Glassdoor.com

      Post your jobs to Glassdoor.com directly from Zoho Recruit - Online Recruitment Software

    11. LinkedIn Integration

      Post Job Openings to LinkedIn

      Post job openings and source on LinkedIn right from Zoho Recruit. Candidates applying through LinkedIn are automatically added to the Zoho Recruit candidate database.



Resume Management

    1. feature-resume-list

      Resume Database

      Populate the resume database from different source and manage them from a single place.

    2. feature-candidate-status

      Candidate Status

      Keep your search organized. Unqualify/un-associate candidates who do not meet the requirements.

    3. Schedule interviews

      Schedule interviews

      Track the candidates and schedule multiple interviews based on their progress.

    4. Track source

      Track Source

      Automatically notify key members in the hiring process about scheduled interviews, change in owner, addition of a candidate or change in status.

    5. feature-lock-candidate

      Lock candidates

      Lock hired candidates, to prevent other users from associating the candidate with other job openings.

    6. feature-forward-client

      Forward to client

      Forward resumes to clients based on the clients requirements.

    7. Convert Candidate to Employee

      Convert Candidate to Employee

      You can quickly convert the selected candidates to employees and manage their details in Zoho People.

Create and Publish job openings

    1. feature-add-jo

      Create job openings

      Create job openings based on the Client or Hiring Manager's requirements and customize the job opening form.

    2. feature-publish-website

      Publish Job openings

      Publish job openings in your website. This allows the candidates to apply for a specific job opening directly from the website.

    3. feature-attach-doc

      Attach documents

      While creating a new job opening, Zoho Recruit enables you to easily attach any related documents given by the client or the hiring manager.

Client and Contact Management

    1. feature-clients


      Add clients and upload contract documents and other relevant documents for quick reference.

    2. feature-client-contacts

      Client Contacts

      Add primary and other relevant client contacts. You can also customize the client contact form.

    3. feature-activity

      Activities and Notes

      Add call logs, notes about the discussions and meetings made with client for future reference. Zoho Recruit automatically records all the activities that take place within the system.

    4. feature-import-crm

      Import from Zoho CRM

      Easily import Client and Client Contacts from Zoho CRM into Zoho Recruit with just one click: Import from Zoho CRM.

    5. Import from Google Apps

      Import from Google Apps

      Access all your Google Apps Users and Contacts from within Zoho Recruit, and view your scheduled interview events in your Google Calendar.

    6. Candidate and Client Contact Linking

      Candidate and Client Contact Sync

      Track the entire activities of a candidate who is also a client contact and vice versa.

Customize your Business process

    1. feature-drag-drop

      Drag and Drop customization

      Customize Zoho Recruit to fit your own particular needs. Just drag and drop to customize!

    2. feature-custom-fields

      Custom fields

      In every module you can add custom fields to hold any other information you might need.

    3. feature-custom-status

      Custom status

      Integrate your workflow by adding custom status to the candidates and job opening modules.

    4. feature-email-alert

      Mail alerts

      Automatic e-mail notifications allow recruiters to stay on top of new candidates, job openings and clients.

    5. feature-customize-logo

      Customize Logo

      Change the default Zoho Recruit logo by your company logo, which gives a personalized look.

    6. Custom Reports

      Custom Reports

      Zoho Recruit gives you 20 standard reports – and tools for customizing or creating new reports – to help visually analyze recruiting and applicant tracking information.

Activities Stream

    1. feature-role


      Account Manager, Recruiter and Admin users can see their system based on their permissions set by the administrator.

    2. feature-active-jo

      Active Job openings

      Quickly view active job openings, their status and the client information.

    3. feature-active-candidate

      Active Candidates

      Get a quick overview of the active candidates, their job opening status and the client.

    4. feature-users

      My Colleagues

      View your team mates / colleagues details in a single click. It also provides you with shortcuts to view their details.

    5. feature-today-interviews

      Today’s Interviews

      Plan for your day with a list of the candidates who will be interviewed today.

    6. Track Emails

      Track Emails

      Zoho Recruit helps you to track all your email communication with candidates, clients and client contacts inside Zoho Recruit itself.

    7. Calendar


      Make your personal and organization scheduling a lot easier. Scheduled interview events will be automatically reflected in both the organization calendar and the interviewers' calendar.

    8. Mail Merge

      Mail Merge

      Send personalized messages to thousands of candidates and clients at the click of a button.

Do more

    1. feature-mass-mail

      Mass Mailing

      Email all your candidates and clients from within Zoho Recruit without switching to a separate e-mail client, and store the correspondence for future reference.

    2. feature-export

      Export Data

      Export all your candidates, resumes, job openings, clients and client contacts to maintain a report and to have a data back-up along with the corresponding attachments in a zip file.

    3. feature-activity


      Log activities and notes like scheduled interviews, change in status, general notes, etc., and maintain a history for future reference.

    4. feature-search


      Quickly search job openings, candidates, interviews, clients, clients contacts and users using simple or advanced criteria search.

    5. feature-taglist


      Manage job openings, candidates, clients and clients contacts and keep them organized on multiple criteria.

    6. feature-chart


      View the status of job openings and the candidates and clients associated with the job openings in a graphical chart.

    7. feature-activities


      View the recently performed activities of the users and maintain a history for future refernce.

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