Client and Contact management

Manage clients and clients contacts

Add clients and their details to this web-based staffing solution for easy tracking. Upload contract documents and other documents signed with the client for easy reference. Get a quick view of the current status of all the job openings and candidates associated to the client.



In Zoho Recruit, you can add clients and upload contract documents and other relevant documents for quick reference

Client Contacts

Add primary and other relevant client contacts. You can also customize the client contact form.

Activities and Notes

Add call logs, notes about the discussions and meetings made with client for future reference. Zoho Recruit automatically records all the activities that take place within the system.

Tagging clients

Mange your clients and organize by adding different tags. This enables you to quickly find them.


Integrated Email

Quickly e-mail your customers from within Zoho Recruit without needing to switch to a separate e-mail client.

Client Export

Export all clients in different formats like xls, csv, tsv, etc., to maintain a report and to have a data back-up.

Automate your Recruitment Process

Track Openings, Resumes, Candidates and Clients

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