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  • - Jenny Rickerby
    Celtic Catalyst, Chemicals
    : “ Celtic Catalysts has been using Zoho projects for 2.5 years and we’ve found it excellent for sharing information as our company is spread across 4 different sites. It has been very useful for allocating resources, archiving reports and following the progress of projects. It is reliable, easy to use and even our less computer literate members of staff can make use of the general features. The IT help has been very good, queries have been answered and resolved the same day. ”

Online Time Tracking and Billing Software for your team

Time is money, and you need to optimize your time so that you can meet your deadline. You must have a simple online time tracking software where you can log working hours, run reports, and bill your clients. Zoho Projects offers time tracking functionalities to streamline the performance of a project, calculate time spent on tasks, export timesheet data in the desired format and send invoices for client payments.

Key Benefits of a Time Tracking Software

  • Access timesheets from anywhere and at any time with a simple web browser in a secure way
  • User-friendly interface to log and track time spent on a task
  • Record actual working hours against your projects which enable you to identify deadlines
  • Get information about time spent which helps to maximize the billable and minimize the non-billable hours
  • Analyze payment history, notify new invoices, save time and collect money


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Track Time with Ease


Timesheets can record the start and end time of tasks, or just the duration. It contains a detailed breakdown of tasks accomplished throughout the project. You can log details of each task and track them all from a single place.

Record Billing Hours

Time spent on tasks, which is billed per working hour per day are billable hours and time spent on tasks that cannot be billed are non-billable hours. We've provided different options to choose based on users, billing and period to generate your customized timesheet reports.


Export Timesheet in Various Formats


Export all your timesheet data in a single click and send them to your clients or project managers to get a glance of the completed tasks for subsequent billing, payroll or project cost estimation. Plus you can export your timesheet as a pdf file.

Create Invoices and Bill your Clients

Create invoices from timesheet and send it for client payments or employee payrolls. You can load all your timesheet data using Create Invoice option available as part of your timesheets into Zoho Invoice


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