Tasks and Tasks List

Basics of Tasks


1. Can I move tasks between projects?

No. You cannot move tasks between projects. However, you can Move Task Lists between projects.

2. How can I forward emails and attachments to tasks?

You must copy the Task mail address displayed at the bottom, when you open a task and use it to forward emails and attachments to the task.

3. Is it possible to assign material and labour costs (hours) to tasks within a project?

No. You cannot assign material costs and labor costs (hours) for the tasks within a project.

4. How can I import the tasks from a MPP file format?

You can import files using the Import MPP option. Access your projects homepage & click on the Projects tab and on the top right side, you can see the Import MPP option.

5. Do I have the privilege to delete tasks?

You can delete tasks if you are the Portal Owner, Admin or a Manager and of course if you are the task owner.

6. Do I have a report that displays the tasks assigned to a single person?

The Gantt Chart allows you to see the list of tasks assigned to each user for the previous/current month, current year and any custom period. And the Task Reports allows you to see the count of tasks for each project user in that project.

7. How can I view the tasks assigned only to me?

The My Tasks section on the home page allows you to see all the tasks assigned to you across all the projects in that portal.

8. Can I view overlapping tasks?

The Resource Utilization chart displays the list of tasks assigned to you and your team members. This chart might help you in understanding the overlapping tasks.

9. What happens to dependent tasks, when I modify the main task? How are the respective task owners notified about the update?

If you modify a main task, automatically the start date and end date of the dependent Tasks are also modified accordingly and the respective task owner is notified via Email.

10. Can I try the subtasks feature without paying? I just want to see how it works.

The Sub-Task feature is supported only in the Premium and Enterprise plan. If your Zoho Projects account is in the Free plan, the sub-tasks feature is not available in your account. However, we can activate either of the supported editions for your account for a 15-day trial.

Do you want to try? Drop a mail to

11. How can I convert a task to a subtask and vice-versa?

To make a Task as a Subtask, you just need to drag and drop the Task.

To convert a Subtask into a task, click on the required subtask and then click Make this a Task link displayed at the bottom to convert the Subtask as a Task.