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  • Hugo Sanchez Morales, Owner at DAG CONSULTORES: “Zoho Projects is an excellent tool to manage projects and follow up operative tasks and meeting agreements. Easy to understand and to apply. In our opinion, Zoho Projects can be recommended without hesitation, both for business or personal use! ”
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Why do you need task management software?

Every day we spend most of the time on urgent but low priority tasks while the most important tasks get put off until another day. Unfortunately, "another day" never seems to arrive. The Pareto principle of 80/20 rule applies here i,e 80% of most important work gets completed if you try to figure out the 20% of high priority tasks. Basically an effective task management software must guide you the best way to find these top 20% of critical tasks for an effective project management process in a team.

Why choose Zoho Projects as your online task management software ?

The task management module helps you to effectively track key milestones, set dependencies and tasks to be accomplished for a productive work. With Zoho Projects as your task management software, you will have more time to do real work and will have to spend less time managing it.

Key Benefits of Task Management Software

  • Helps you to organize, assign tasks and priortize tasks using color codes all from a central place.
  • Allows you to set goals and milestones and keep track of deliverables and manage deadlines
  • Proper schedules, continuous uninterrupted workflow with no delays and finish projects in time
  • Break down (WBS) complex projects into many, related or dependent tasks and effectively manage them
  • Eliminates the need to remember all tasks and makes you more productive by sending timely reminders
  • Integration of all work to assure a quality project for the clients at reduced cost

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Tasks & Tasklist

Project tasks and tasklists make it easy to keep your work items organized and manageable, all in one centralized and easy-to-access location. You can monitor the status of tasks, assign tasks to members, send email reminders and track progress of your project.

Project Milestones

Milestones can be used to group tasks together and quickly evaluate how close the project deliverable is to completion. Zoho Projects categorizes milestones as upcoming, overdue and archived / completed so it is easier for you to have a quick look at what's going on in your project.

Sub Tasks

Sub task are ones generally used to split up a parent task into a number of tasks which can be assigned and tracked separately in a project. Splitting tasks into smaller tasks i,e work breakdown structure often provides a better picture of the progress of the project.

Task Dependency

Task dependency view helps the project team to get bird's eye view of dependent tasks with details like, Who are responsible for the tasks, What tasks are dependent on each other and When these tasks need to completed.

Task Reports

You can instantly view task reports and gantt charts under Tasks and Milestones itself. Task reports provides a consolidated view of all your open and closed tasks, tasklist and milestones of a project.