Task Dependency in Zoho Projects

How to set dependencies for tasks in Zoho Projects?

Task Dependency is a relationship in which a task relies on other tasks to be performed before it can be done. The task that depends on the other task is the successor, and the task it depends on is the predecessor. In Zoho Projects dependency view helps the project team to get bird's eye view of dependent tasks with details like, who are responsible for the tasks, what tasks are dependent on each other and when these tasks needs to be completed.

Dependency Tree

Task Dependency view displays the tasks sorted by start date. The tasks created with duration only will get displayed here. You can view all the dependent tasks associated with a task, by clicking the dependency link from the action menu.
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Predecessor View

You can set dependency between tasks from this view. Click on the Predecessor column against any particular task, enter the parent tasks S.No and click 'Enter' to save the dependency data.
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Dependency Details

You can edit the task's end date and all the dependent tasks duration will be updated automatically. Furthermore, you can change the task owner by selecting the required user(s) from the list. Task owners will be notified about the task dependency through an email.
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