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  • Nishant Patel, CEO, Raw Engineering: “ We tried a lot of different applications before Zoho Projects. Applications like Unfuddle, Assembla and Basecamp were just harder to use and didn't have all the features Zoho offered. Zoho Projects is the right fit. And the integration with Gmail – which lets us create bug entries directly from Gmail – was a big feature that sold the team. That integration helps keep the whole team organized and in sync. So using Zoho Projects, an online tool, to help improve our company and improve our project management overall is a huge validation of Zoho and the online philosophy. ”
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What is Sub Task?

Sub task are ones generally used to split up a parent task into a number of tasks which can be assigned and tracked separately in a project. Splitting tasks into smaller tasks i,e work breakdown structure often provides a better picture of the progress on the task, and allows each project member involved in completing the task to better understand what part of the module they are responsible for.

Create and manage Sub Tasks in Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects allows you to break your existing tasks in sub tasks in order to gain much deeper insights into progress of a task. Now, you can outdent / indent an existing task to break into a sub task or summary task respectively as per your needs. While importing sub tasks in Zoho from your MS project all your work break down structure is carried as such from MS project in Zoho. In addition, you can also view sub tasks in gantt and task dependency view. Furthermore, just like normal tasks, you can capture sub tasks as part of project templates.

Key Benefits of Subtasks

  • Helps you to organize, assign tasks and structure your tasks all from a one place
  • Allows you to set project goals and keep track of deliverables and manage deadlines
  • Proper schedules, continuous uninterrupted workflow with no delays and finish projects in time
  • Break down (WBS) complex projects into many, related or dependent tasks and effectively manage them
  • Integration of all work to assure a quality project completion for your customers at reduced cost

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Import sub tasks from MS project

You can import tasks along with its sub tasks i,e all your work break down structure (WBS) is carried right from your MS project into Zoho Projects.

Create sub tasks

Create subtasks in quick time. Mouseover a particular task you can see a double-headed arrow, click Indent button to indent the task, making it a subtask or click Outdent button to make it a summary task.

Subtasks in task dependency

Find subtasks in task dependency which lets you better organize your tasks in dependency view for an effective task management.

Sub tasks in gantt chart

You can see subtasks showing right on your gantt charts. This gives you an easy way to view and print sub tasks from gantt view.

Sub tasks in templates

Just like normal tasks, you can capture the sub tasks as part of your project template in Zoho Projects.


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