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“ Zoho Projects is an excellent tool to manage projects and follow up operative tasks and meeting agreements. Easy to understand and to apply. In our opinion, Zoho Projects can be recommended without hesitation, both for business or personal use! ”

- Hugo Sanchez Morales, Owner at DAG CONSULTORES

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What is User Management ?

User Management is all about controlling various activities a group of users can perform on a project. With this you can have total control provided with a fine level of visibility of a project i,e everything at a single place.

Zoho Projects has your online user management software

Zoho Projects has various permission levels based on user's role in a project. Each role has different access privileges and can be restricted to certain actions such as to edit/delete a task, submit new request, assign resources etc based on the project needs.

In Zoho Projects provides fine-grained privileges. As an administrator (portal owner) you can:

  1. Customize the entire site for groups
  2. Create and assign user roles for a project
  3. Assign tasks, upload documents, log working hours
  4. Define and provide secure access for project users

User Management Software

Key Business Benefits of User Management

  1. Define user roles like who can see what information and how to access.
  2. Provide a fine level of visibility of a project i,e everything at a single place
  3. Keep information accessible anywhere at anytime without compromising the safety
  4. Provide users with secure authentication and access to your corporate portal
  5. Enable secure single sign-on for accessing projects via a simple web browser

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Add or Remove Users

Portal owner or the administrator will be able to add or remove users for a projects. Now adding and removing users is very simple and easy. You can add any number of users for a project.

User Roles

Define User Permissions

Administrator of a project has privileges to quickly create and define user roles based on its requirement. Various roles that can be granted to users are:
Administrator: portal owner who customizes the entire portal for teams
Members: Manager, Developers, Testers, Designers who form the core team
Read Access: for partners, clients and contractors. » Learn More

Provide secure access

Provide Secure Access

Managing a major project online with members often dispersed across offices and timezones is easier said than done. You need to balance the requirements of the business to keep information accessible without compromising the safety of your sensitive project details. Zoho Projects offers a secure environment to upload, store and safeguard your crucial data.

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