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“ We are providing services under IT/ITES category to our clients in US. We find Zoho Projects very easy to handle and assign tasks to our team members working on various projects. The employees feel much better in doing collaboration with their peers and the client. The features recently added to Zoho were much appreciated by our team. Also, we have been much impressed with your Customer Support who provide instant service. We recommend zoho projects for all Small and Medium Business entities ”

- Chitralekha

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Create, Assign and Track Tasks in Zoho Projects

A Task is an activity that needs to be accomplished within a defined period of time.Tracking tasks becomes a lot easier when you have all your team responsibilities of a project at a central location. Project tasks and tasklist make it easy to keep your work items and deliverables organized and manageable, all in one easy-to-access location You need not juggle around with multiple tasks instead Zoho Projects will remember and manage all the tasks and taskslist for a better task management.

Benefits of Project Tasks

  1. Create, manage and track tasks in a proper hierarchical structure
  2. Quickly assign tasks, allocate proper resources and define responsibility
  3. Clear understanding of who does what, when and for how much
  4. Gain insights by grouping your tasks as a taskslist and finish them all in time

Project Tasks

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  • Project Tasks Features
Project Planning

Create, Copy and Reorder Tasks

Create, edit, delete a task in a matter of minutes. Apart from this if you wish to make a copy or rename a task you can do so. Sometimes you may wish to reorder tasks based on your work priority and we have an option to reorder them using a simple drag-drop.

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Task Notes

Add Notes and Comments for Task

Post comments or add notes for a topic you are interested in. By this you can share your ideas, views, critics and this becomes a knowledge base for future reference.

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Associate with Tasks

Associate Forums / Documents with Task

Zoho Projects provides an quick option for you to attach files or associate a forum post for a task while working in a project.

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Create and Manage Taskslist

A group of tasks comprises a tasklist. You can create a tasklist to group your tasks. In addition, if you click on a task a task details page gets displayed where you can add notes, comments, log time for a task all from one place.

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