Feeds, your smart team coordinator

Still sending tasks or documents through emails? Regardless your team is struggling to organize the tasks sent in an email. Not an email anymore. That's why we built Project Feeds, your smart team coordinator that helps your team to collaborate and work better on all that matters the most... be it from web designs, approval documents to billions of tasks. Best of all, status updates turn distant coworkers or clients into real people with faces.

Feel amazingly in-the-know of status

Feed makes you more clued in. You can quickly know how the new project is coming along, which teammate is celebrating a birthday and who is the newbie who recently joined the team.

Share your images with a tap

Have a great idea or inspiration? Say it with pictures. Simply drag images from your desktop into Zoho Projects, give it a tap, and everyone can see what you’re thinking and share their comments.

Helps to do things you do everyday

Want to know what your fellow team members are doing (or not)? Our new Follow feature lets you track individual progress and to-do’s—so you can effectively manage workload and timelines.

Keep Your Finger On The Pulse

Feed listens and reports back on everything happening around you. Whether it’s a hot topic in forums, a critical request, or pending docs that need your approval. It is your personal project assistant that gives you what you need...the way you want...so you can do the right thing with it.

Rediscover your past with timeline

Timeline gives you an easy way to rediscover the things you shared, and collect your most important updates in your project. It also helps you to revisit back to past activities.