Import Microsoft Projects

1. Can I import subtasks from my MPP file?

Yes. You can import sub tasks from your ms project files into Zoho Projects.

2. Can I import empty tasks and its dependencies?

No. You cannot import empty tasks and its associated dependencies into Zoho Projects.

3. How independent tasks imported into Zoho Projects?

When independent tasks are imported, then MPP filename will be set as the default tasklist name for such tasks.

4. Can I import associated notes, priority and percentage completion, constraints?

Yes. Notes, percentage completion and priority will be imported from your MPP file. But the constraints of a task will not be imported as Zoho Projects does not currently support this feature.

5. What versions of MS Projects are supported in Zoho Projects Import ?

The supported versions are MS Projects 2007, MS Projects 2010 and MPP 2013.