Getting Started Guide

Team Intranet with Wiki

Zoho Projects can be your company's intranet with a comprehensive set of features that allows your business to grow by enhancing information flow within and outside your organization. It give project teams and businesses the flexibility to access collaborative tools with just an Internet connection and a simple web browser.

Benefits of Online Wiki (Team Intranet)

  1. Content management through simple editing access that encourages participation by many users.
  2. Facilitating communication between people and enhancing knowledge sharing among groups.
  3. Gather knowledge from various sources through documents, content feeds from other web sites.
  4. Includes easy to manage version control with fine grained access privileges.

Wiki features in Zoho Projects


Build a powerful source of information with wiki pages which you can organize and manage it effectively in one place. You can link, re-order and tag pages which helps in fast and easy navigation.

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