Getting Started Guide

Timer for Tasks

You can start a timer for a task from Tasks and Milestones which will start recording your actual working hours. After completing the task you can stop the timer and your entries will be automatically logged in the timesheet.

Set timer for tasks

Start Timer

This logs your working hours in timesheet. In addition, you can make bulk entries in your timesheet for various calendar dates.

Digital Clock

In addition, you can also add / edit / delete log hours for timesheet from tasks details page

Task Details Page

Views for timesheet

You can view timesheets in List View, Grid View and Calendar View. In addition we've provided different options for you to choose based on users / type of billing / time period and generate your customized timesheet reports for your business needs.

For Example : You may select View : This Week Type : All (includes both billable or non-billable hours) Timesheet for: for Tricia Boyle

List View