Getting Started Guide


A taskslist (also to-do list) is a list of tasks to be completed, such as steps toward completing a project. A group of tasks comprises a tasklist in Zoho Projects.

Add a Taskslist

The tasklist gets created and you can start adding your tasks for this tasklist.

Add Taskslist

Edit / Delete a Taskslist

To edit a tasklist :

  1. Mouseover the tasklist. A small menu gets displayed
  2. Click Edit Tasklist from the menu
  3. Update Task List form opens up with editable contents
  4. Make required changes and Click Update Task List icon
Edit Taskslist

To delete a tasklist :

  1. Mouseover a tasklist to find delete link
  2. Click delete link shows an alert message Do you want to remove this todolist and related todo tasks
  3. Click OK button. This deletes your tasklists and related tasks.
Delete Taskslist

Reorder Taskslist

You would've added a set of tasklists and later need to priortise and rerrange based on project needs.

    1. Click Reorder Taskslist link
    2. Mouseover the tasklist you can find a drag and drop icon to reorder it
    3. Click Save Order icon
Reorder Taskslist