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Tasks in Google Calendar

Zoho Projects provides an easy option to automatically add tasks created in Zoho Projects into your Google calendar. Add to Google Calendar and Add to Google Task options are available only if you have synched Zoho Projects with your Google Apps domain.

To add tasks automatically to your google calendar:

  1. In HOME section, click My Tasks.
    • You can also select a project from Projects list view, choose Tasks from Tasks & Milestones and then click New Task to add a task.
  2. Click New Task.
    Add to Google Calendar
  3. In Task, specify the task name.
  4. In Select Project, select the desired project to associate the task.
  5. In Task List, select a tasklist to map the task.
  6. In Who is responsible?, select a desired project user to assign the task.
  7. In Start Date, select the task start date.
  8. In End Date, select the task end date.
  9. In Priority and Remind on, select the desired option.
  10. Select Make it as a Recurring task, if required.
  11. Select the desired option to set Recurring frequency, For every and End after.
  12. Choose Add to Google Calendar check box.
  13. Click Add Task to add the task to google calendar.

Tasks added in Zoho Projects are now automatically populated in your Google calendar.

Google Calendar


    • If you edit tasks in Zoho Projects, the modified details will not be updated in Google Tasks. However, you can click Export to Google Tasks to export the updated tasks in Zoho Projects into Google Tasks.
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