Getting Started Guide

Subtasks in Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects allows you to break your existing tasks in sub tasks in order to gain much deeper insights into the progress of a task. Now, simply drag and drop to break tasks in to subtasks or summary tasks based on your project needs.

Note :

  • Subtasks feature is available only in Enterprise and Premium paid plans of Zoho Projects.

Import subtasks from MS projects

Import subtasks along with your existing tasks while you import your MS project files into Zoho Projects.

To import subtasks from MS projects:

  1. In Admin section, click Settings.
  2. Click Import & Export.
  3. In Import MPP tab, click Browse and select the .mpp or .mpx file.
  4. Click Import MPP to import the file into Zoho Projects.
  5. In Import Microsoft Project Plan(MPP / MPX), you can choose to leave the imported tasks unassigned or associate the Mpp users and Project users.
Subtasks MS projects

Create subtasks

To create subtasks:

  1. In HOME section, click Projects.
  2. In Projects list view, select  the desired project.
  3. Hover over Tasks & Milestones and then click Tasks from the displayed option.
  4. In Classic View, click to open the required task.
    Open subtask
  5. Click the Sub task tab.
  6. Click Add Subtask.
  7. Specify the subtask name and click Assignee.
    Add subtask
  8. In Who is responsible, select the task user.
  9. In Start Date, click the calendar and select the start date.
  10. In End Date, click the calendar and select the end date.
  11. In Priority, select the task priority.
  12. Click Add Task to add the subtask.

This creates a new subtask for this task. You can add many subtasks for a task.

Few points to remember when you create subtasks in Zoho Projects :

  • Closed tasks cannot be indented.
  • Subtasks cannot be created for closed tasks.
  • Few tasks other than matching criteria may appear, so as not to break the hierarchy.
  • Closing a parent task will close all its subtasks.
  • To reopen a subtask , its parent task needs to be reopened.

Subtasks in dependency view

You can view subtasks now as part of your task dependency view. Subtasks gets displayed, only if all its parent tasks are displayed.

Subtasks in dependency

Subtasks in gantt view

You can view subtasks as part of your gantt charts. The open / closed subtasks are represented as yellow / brown colors respectively on the gantt chart.

Subtasks legend
Subtasks in gantt charts

Subtasks in templates

You can create a new task template and add tasks along with subtasks and save this template for your future projects.

Subtasks in templates