Getting Started Guide

Submit Issues

You can file bugs either internally in Zoho BugTracker or from external sites. BugTracker add-on is available only in paid plans.

Submit Bugs

  1. In HOME section, click Projects.
  2. In Projects list view, select a project.
  3. Hover over Bugs and then choose Bugs from the displayed options.
  4. In All Open bugs view, click Submit Bug.
  5. In Problem Title, specify the bug title.
  6. In Problem Description, specify the bug description.
  7. If required, click Choose File to attach files related to bugs.
  8. In Other Information, select the required options for the bug.
  9. Click Save and Add New to save and add another bug or click Save to save the bug.
Submit Bugs

File Bugs through Web

  1. In HOME, click Projects.
  2. In Projects list view, select a project.
  3. Hover the mouse pointer over Bugs and click Bug Settings from the displayed bug options.

  4. Click Web To Bug Form and then click Add Web To Bug Form.
  5. Specify Form Name, Return URL and Form/Web page URL.
  6. A warning message is prompted, if you do not specify a valid URL.

  7. Select Flag.
  8. Select the desired Default Fields for the bugs.
  9. Click Generate iFrame.

  10. Copy the generated code to embed in the desired website to start filing bugs into Zoho BugTracker.

Once you embed the iFrame code a Submit Bug form is created, where you can specify the bug information and save the details. And the bug is filed in Zoho BugTracker.


  • You can also delete or deactivate the form, if required.