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Schedule Meetings

Schedule a Meeting

There may be an approaching milestone and you would like to know the progress of the project and tasks accomplished by your team. So for this you need to schedule a meeting with your team to know the latest status.

Here's how you can schedule a meeting :

  1. Type in meeting name, select date, meeting location
  2. Select the duration of meeting, repeat interval
  3. Set a reminder prior to a meeting or exact time with remind all option
  4. Select the participants list and click on Schedule Meeting icon

Your required scheduled team meeting got scheduled.

Schedule meeting

Option to see Open Meetings

You can see all your scheduled meetings getting listed in Open Meetings categorized

as Today, Tomorrow and Later along with

  1. Meeting Date
  2. Meeting Title
  3. Location
  4. Attendees
  5. Notes
  6. Associated documents (if any)
Open meetings

View for Elapsed Meetings

Did you miss any important meeting ? No Regrets.

We've provided an option to see Elapsed Meetings where you can check the logged details of meeting like presentations, gathered notes, blog references etc happened during the course of a meeting.

By this you can keep yourself up-to-date on the latest happening inspite of missing a meeting.

Elapsed meetings

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