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Reports in Zoho Projects includes options such as, Gantt chart and Resource utilization charts across all projects for a particular user. Furthermore, you can get a bird's eye view of all tasks / milestones completion status across projects within minutes.

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Gantt Chart of a Project User

The gantt view provides tasks and milestones for a user across projects.

To view Gantt chart for a project user:

  1. In Admin section, click Reports.
  2. Select Gantt View to view your Gantt chart across Projects .
Reports Tab
  • By default a gantt view of all your open tasks in a project for the current month is displayed.
  • If you wish to view reports for other users or duration you can make use of the filter options at the top such as Select Period, View and Task Reports for.
Open tasks

Gantt View of Tasks / Milestones

You can view tasks and milestones based on their status across projects for any project user. 

All Tasks

All Tasks

Closed Tasks

Closed tasks

All Milestones

All Milestones

Gantt userbased report

Task Reports for option allows you to view reports based on users. And it displays the tasks along with the subtaks for the selected team member.

Userbased reports

Gantt chart print or export to PDF

Zoho Projects has stocked options which allows you to take a print out or convert it to a PDF format and save it in your personal desktop for reference.


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