Getting Started Guide

Recent Updates in Feeds

Feeds shows up recent updates like today or overdue tasks and milestones and of course their progress too in a project.

Overdue Milestones

Want to see your slipping dealines in a project? Now you can see them under overdue milestones in your project feed.

Overdue milestone

Overdue / Today's Tasks

The Overdue Tasks lists tasks which slipped the deadlines. Be sure to keep an eye on these so you don't fall behind.

Overdue task


Need to know your tasks for the day ? Easily see them in Today's Tasks view in project feeds.


Today task

Inprogress Tasks

In the right side, you can find the tasks that your are working on listed as Inprogress tasks.

1. You can mark a task complete by checking the checkbox in Inprogress Tasks view.

2. This is a refresh icon to see latest tasks updated in Inprogress view.

3. The color codes represents the priority set for each tasks.


Inprogress Tasks

Task Progress / Bug Status

A visually appealing dial charts represents the tasks progress and bug status in a project.

  • Green represents the completed tasks / bugs.
  • Red represents the pending tasks / bugs.
Tasks Progress


Bug Status