Getting Started Guide

Project Settings

Project settings facilitates options to reorder / organize tabs, grab a RSS feed for your project and start shooting tasks, file bugs, post a forum topic and upload documents all through an email.

Project Emails

Each project has unique email alias for task, documents, forums and bugs. You can grab any of these and starting shooting tasks, bugs, attach documents all from an email.

The general format for the email alias is portal

You can change projectstring to a unique string. Click edit icon next to Mail Alias For Project title and edit the email alias for tasks, forums, documents as you need.

Project Email & RSS

Project RSS Feed

Each project has unique RSS Feed. Grab this RSS feed for your project and get to know instant updates going on in your project.

Project RSS Feed

Project Details

  1. In Edit Project Details form
  2. Change the project title, overview and status (if required)
  3. Click Update icon. This updates latest details for your project
Edit Overview

Organize Tabs

Portal Owner can organize / reoder tabs as per the project needs. This way unused tabs can be conveniently disabled. Also the most tabs can be reordered as per the priority of the project. You can simply drag and drop to reorder tabs. In addition, this feature is also extended for client users too.

Organize Tabs