Getting Started Guide

My Milestones

My Milestones view provides a consolidated list of all the milestones in various statuses and allows you to access the associated task lists, tasks and bugs. Milestones are classified into Upcoming Milestones, Overdue Milestones, Archive Milestones and Completed Milestones. You can view both the tasks and the bugs associated with milestones right within My Milestones.

  • My Milestones
  • Task Lists / Bugs
  • Tasks

    My Milestones

    In Home, click My Milestones, to view the milestone list.



    • You can now group the milestones based on individual Project or Status. Plus you can click the right arrow icon available next to New Milestone to export your milestones as a pdf file.

    Add a Milestone


    You can click New Milestone to add a new milestone and assign it to any project. You can specify other milestone details such as Milestone name, Start Date, End Date, Owner and so on.

    Edit / Complete and Delete a Milestone


    You can edit and change the milestone details or complete a milestone or delete.

    Move the mouse pointer over the selected milestone to enable the action menu and choose the required option. All this can be done right within My Milestones.

    Filter Milestones

    You can filter to view milestones based on your criteria, by clicking Filter by and choose the various filter options within the same pane.


    Sort Milestones

    Sort to view milestones based on Milestone, Project, Owner, Start Date and Due Date.

    You can also sort milestones based on the ascending or descending order of the sorted out option.


    More about Milestones


    You can edit, delete, move, complete or follow the milestone. Move the mouse pointer near the milestone name to enable the Milestone Actions menu.


    In Milestone Actions menu, choose Move to move a milestone from one project to another. And when you move a milestone, all its task list dependencies will be lost.

    Task Lists / Bugs

    Task lists for any selected milestone can be viewed right within My Milestones itself. You must click on the milestone to view its task list. You can add a new task list, move a task list to another project or delete task lists.

    In addition you can click on a task list to view its tasks. Alternatively, you can also view the bugs associated with the milestone.

    Add Task list


    You can click Task list actions to add a new task list. You can create a new task list or associate an existing task list or choose from task templates.

    Move Task List


    You can move a task list from one project to another and also associate a new milestone to the task list.

    You must select a task list to enable the Delete, Move options. And you can move or delete a single task list or multiple task lists.

    More about Bugs

    In My Milestones, you can click on a milestone and then click Bugs to view the consolidated list of bugs associated with the selected milestone.

    You can click Add Bug to create a new bug. And you can edit an existing bug too.

    Note: The rest of the task list actions remain the same. To know more, refer Tasklist.


    In My Milestones, you must click on the milestone to view its task list and then click on the task list to view its tasks.

    Add Task


    You can click New Task to add a new task. And you can specify the task name, owner, start date, end date and so on.

    You can enter only the task duration and create tasks without specifying their End Date.

    Sort Tasks


    Sort to view tasks based on Tasks, Priority, Start Date and Due Date and so on.

    You can also sort tasks based on the ascending or descending order of the sorted out option.

    Update the Task list for the Associated Tasks

    You can modify the task list name for its associated task(s) and associate a new milestone too.

    Move the mouse pointer over the task list name and click Edit Task List to update the task list.


    More about Tasks

    You can move a task from one task list to another or choose a completed task list.

    You must select a task to enable the Update option and then you can close, set priority, update owner or move the task. You can choose to update a single task or multiple tasks.


    In the task list screen, you can add and view comments for the task list. In addition, you can also complete, follow or delete the task list. These options are available at the bottom of the task list screen.

    And you can also click open the available task(s) to edit.

    Note: The rest of the task actions remain the same. To know more, refer Tasks.