Getting Started Guide

Import files from Google Drive

Apart from attaching documents from Zoho Docs or from your personal desktop now you can easily upload your Google documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc for your project into Zoho Projects. This way your documents stored in Google Docs can be shared with all the team members in your project.

To import file (s) from google drive:

  1. In HOME section, click Projects.
  2. In Projects list view, select a desired project.
  3. Click Documents and then click Upload New File.
  4. In Upload New File, click Google Drive and then click Search to search for desired file (s).
    • You can import Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, PDFs and so on.
  5. Click Done Selecting Files to import files from Google Drive.
    • Your files from Google Drive gets imported in Zoho Projects.
  6. In Upload New File, click Upload File to upload the file (s) into Documents.
Import from Google Drive
Now, instantly connect to Zoho Projects in Google Apps!