Getting Started Guide

Import your data from into Zoho

Salesforce's users start migrating all your project data from into Zoho Projects in a matter of few minutes. Our Zoho Projects allows you to efficiently import all your data from After the import is scheduled, you will receive an email notification about the import status.

How to get started with the Import process

You must login to and select your exported files from to schedule import. The data will be successfully imported into Zoho Projects. However, if the data is not fetched successfully, you must retry and import your data again.

Things to remember after the data is imported in Zoho

As with this DO migration, certain data attributes are modified to adapt to migration. The following are the data modifications while importing from into Zoho Projects: Zoho Projects

Attachments are uploaded as task documents.

Note: You can upload attachments from into Zoho Projects, only from a recently (1 day old) exported file. The URL for attachments expires in exported file that are old more than a day.

Task Users Task Followers
Assignee Task Owners
Tasks that are not linked to any project Tasks will be linked to a newly created project as "Miscellaneous Data Project".


Group Name: Projects can be classified based on groups.

Sections TaskLists


  • You cannot import contacts and deals.
  • Notes are added as status messages under "Miscellaneous Data Project".