Getting Started Guide

Gantt and Resource Utilization Charts

Gantt charts provide the visual representation of the progress of tasks, tasklists and milestones in a project.

With Gantt chart in Zoho Projects you can:

  • Schedule or reschedule any task by adjusting the task bar.
  • Rescale the chart view.
  • Set task dependencies.
  • Filter chart based on criteria.
  • Print or convert the chart to pdf.

The Resource utilization chart accurately captures how your resources are being utilized. And the Task Reports provide a consolidated view of all the tasks.

Gantt Chart

Gantt chart is a visual representation of the project schedule. It displays information about the various tasks such as task progress, task owner, task status and so on. In Zoho Projects, you can view the Gantt chart in two different views:

Milestone Chart: Milestones, Tasklists and Tasks are displayed based on their hierarchy in the project. Milestones are represented as a red rhombus, Tasklists as black horizontal bars and Tasks in various colors as horizontal Gantt bars.

Chronology Chart: Gantt bars are displayed based on the order of the start date in the project. Tasks and subtasks are represented in various colors as horizontal Gantt bars.

In the Tasks and Milestones tab, select Tasks and then click Gantt View to view the Gantt chart for tasks.



  • Now, you can edit all your Gantt charts by resizing and dragging the task bar. And when you edit the parent tasks the related dates of child tasks will also be updated.

Milestone Chart

In the Milestone Chart view, you can view the Milestones, Tasklists and Tasks on the left and the corresponding bars on the right, that shows the time span required. You can view Gantt charts based on a filtered criteria. The filter settings of the chart is saved, even after you navigate to another view and come back to view this chart.


  • The Milestone Chart is not available in the free plan.

You can filter tasks based on Milestone, Milestone Status, Task Status and Task Owner.


You can click on any task and edit, right within the Milestone Chart.


Set dependencies between tasks by dragging a line between the dependent task and its predecessor task.


You can resize the pane width of the chart based on your convenience.


You can print the chart and convert to pdf. Also Collapse All Task lists and Expand All Task lists in the Milestone Chart.



  • On the vertical axis, the holidays are displayed in blue and weekends in grey shades.

You can click Max to maximize the Gantt bar or click Fit to fit their width and rescale the chart.


You can enlarge the chart with Click to Maximize.


Chronology Chart

 In the Chronology Chart, you can view tasks based on their sequence in the project. You can view the task and subtasks Gantt bar.


  • The Chronology Chart is available in all the plans.

You can filter tasks based on Period, Status and Task Owner.


In the Chronology Chart, you can edit task, set dependencies, print and convert the chart to pdf.


The Bring bar into view option, brings the Gantt bar for the selected task into the Gantt chart view. This option is available in both the Milestone Chart and Chronology Chart.


You can click Remove Predecessor, to remove the predecessor tasks right within the Gantt chart itself. This option is available in both the Milestone Chart and Chronology Chart.


Resource Utilization Chart

In the Tasks and Milestones tab, click Resource Utilization from the submenu to view the resource utilization chart.

Resource tab

The Resource Utilization chart displays resource allocation based on under, over and optimal allocation of tasks. The following are the color codes:

  1. Red - indicates over allocation of tasks
  2. Green - indicates optimal allocation of tasks
  3. Gray - indicates under allocation of tasks
Resource Utilization

You can click on a particular username to view the tasks allocated for that user along with the indications of under, over and optimal allocation.

Resource tasks

Tasks Report By Owner, By Milestones and By Priority

Task reports view provide a consolidated view of all the tasks in a project based on their status, priority and owner.

In the Tasks and Milestones tab, select Task Reports from the sub-menu to view the tasks report.

Task Sub Menu

This displays a consolidated view of the tasks and milestones based on the task status and milestone. In addition, you can also get user based tasks report. Click on the individual link to display a task summary report based on users / priority / status.

Tasks Report