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Edit, delete and archive projects

We've furnished options for you to edit, delete, sort, archive and unarchive projects as per your needs. The portal owner and administrators have the privilege to edit, delete and archive a project in a portal. The Managers can only edit and archive a project.

To edit a project :

  1. In Home tab, under Active Projects.
  2. Mouseover a project name displays an action menu with options.
    Edit / Delete
  3. Select Edit Project option.
  4. Edit Project form gets displayed with editable contents.
  5. Make changes to project name, overview or change the project owner.
  6. Click Update icon.

This updates your project name, overview or the project owner.

Edit Project

To archive a project :

  1. Mouseover a project name displays an action menu.
  2. Select Edit Project option.
  3. Change the Project Status from Active to Archive.
  4. Click Update icon.

This archives your project and moves it under Archived Projects. You can archive or unarchive projects as per you needs.

To delete a project :


Archived Projects
  1. Mouseover a particular project name displays an action menu.
  2. Select Delete Project option from this action menu.
  3. A delete message Do you wish to delete the project and related data? is displayed with OK/Cancel buttons.
  4. Click OK button.

This deletes your project forever along with the associated data. A project once deleted cannot be retrieved at all.

Delete a Project

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