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Company Users

A company users are part of the organization and they work on projects for the company.

Add Users for a Company

In Admin section, click All Users tab. You can find Portal Users and Client Users.


  • All Users tab is visible only for the Portal administrator.
All Users Tab

To add a project user :

  1. In Portal Users tab, click Add User.
  2. Type the email address of the user and choose a user role.
  3. Select the projects you wish to add.
  4. If you wish you can add a personal note.
  5. Click Add User icon.

This provides access to selected projects. You can add a user to multiple projects at a time.

Add Users

An invite mail is sent to the new user. Upon subscribing the user is added as part of the project.

Here's sample screen capture of an invite mail sent from Zoho Projects to you.

Invite Mail

If you are not able to trace the mail, please do mail us at for further assistance.

Edit User Roles

To edit an user :

  1. Click edit icon.
  2. Change the user role or update projects for the user.
  3. Click Update User icon.

This saves the latest changes made to the user profile.

Edit Users

Delete Users

To delete an user :

  1. Click trash can icon.
  2. An alert message Do you want to remove this user from this company? is displayed.
  3. Click Delete User icon.

This deletes the project user from the company permanently.

Delete Users

View of Company Users in a Portal :

Company Users

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