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Admin Settings

Settings allow you to upload logos, set date and time, change portal owner and url, backup up all your project data, configure business hours and provide zsc key to import your contacts and users from Zoho CRM into Zoho Projects.

Edit Profile Settings

  1. In ADMIN section, click Settings.
  2. Click Portal Settings and then edit the details in EDIT PROFILE.
    • You can modify your company details like street address, city, state, country etc.
  3. Click Update Profile to update the profile changes.
Edit Profile

Date Format and Business Hours Settings

You can now set date formats, business hours / days and holiday list for your company, to help you precisely calculate the project deliverables. And you can accurately calculate the task duration based on the actual number of hours or days.


  • The Business Hours setting option is available in Premium and Enterprise plans.
  • Skip weekends and Configure Holidays settings option is available only in Enterprise plan.

To set date formats:

  1. In ADMIN section, click Settings.
  2. Click Portal Settings and then click to expand DATE FORMAT & BUSINESS HOURS SETTINGS.
  3. In Date Format, choose the desired date format.
  4. In Time Format, indicate the desired time format.
  5. In Week starts on, indicate the starting day of the week.
  6. In Task Duration in, indicate if the task duration will be in days or hours.

To set business hours:

  1. In ADMIN section, click Settings.
  2. Click Portal Settings and then click to expand DATE FORMAT & BUSINESS HOURS SETTINGS.
  3. In Business Hours, select the Starts at and Ends at time period.
    • In DATE FORMAT & BUSINESS HOURS SETTINGS, if you select hours option in Task Duration in, the task's Duration is calculated based on the scheduled working hours.
  4. Select the desired working days for a week.
    • If your company works only from Monday to Friday in a week, you can skip weekends while configuring the business days.
  5. Click Update Settings to apply the business hours/days settings.

To configure holidays:

  1. In ADMIN section, click Settings.
  2. Click Portal Settings and then click to expand DATE FORMAT & BUSINESS HOURS SETTINGS.
  3. Click Configure Holidays link.
  4. In Select Date, select the month and date of the holiday.
  5. In Name of the holiday, specify the holiday name.
  6. Click Add Holiday to add the holiday to the Holiday List.


  • To delete an existing holiday, mouse over the holiday and then click Delete Holiday.
  • You can select weekends or holidays displayed in gray color as start or end dates for tasks in popout calendars. This option is available only in Enterprise plan.

Upload Logo and Powered by Logo

To upload logo:

  1. In ADMIN section, click Settings.
  2. Click Rebranding and in UPLOAD LOGO click Change Logo link.
  3. Click Browse to select the desired company logo.
  4. Click Upload Logo to update the selected company logo for your portal.
Upload Logo

To upload powered by logo:

  1. Click to expand UPLOAD POWERED BY LOGO link.
  2. Click Change Power Logo link.
  3. Click Browse to select the desired powered by logo.
  4. Click Upload Power Logo to update the selected powered by logo for your portal.
Powered By Logo

Portal URL Change

To change the portal URL:

  1. In ADMIN section, click Settings.
  2. Click Admin Settings.
  3. In PORTAL URL CHANGE, specify your new URL in
  4. Click Change the Portal URL to update the URL changes.

The new portal name will reflect in your portal URL. No special characters are allowed in portal URL.

Portal Owner Change

To change the portal owner:

  1. In ADMIN section, click Settings.
  2. Click Admin Settings.
  3. Click to expand PORTAL OWNER CHANGE.
  4. In Select New Portal Owner, select the new portal owner.
    • Only users with Admin role will be listed in the Select New Portal Owner drop-down.
  5. Click Change the Portal Owner to save the updated portal owner.
Portal Owner Change

This updates the new portal owner. Portal Owner change is enabled only for paid plans.

Data Backup

Databack up is an option to take a personal copy of your entire portal data and safeguard for future use.

  1. In ADMIN section, click Settings.
  2. Click Import & Export.
  3. Click Data Backup tab and then click Export Data Backup for a backup of your entire portal.

A scheduler will trigger your backup process and it takes a few minutes. After backing up your data, an email is sent along with a link to download the backup data as a ZIP file


  • Regular data backup is allowed once every 24 hours. Your exported ZIP file gets deleted periodically every 24 hours after each data export..

Import Tasks

You can now import XLS/JSON/CSV files into Zoho Projects and start collaborating.

To import tasks:

  1. In ADMIN section, click Settings.
  2. Click Import & Export.
  3. Click Import From Files tab.
  4. Click Browse and then select the desired file to import.
  5. In Select file type, indicate the file type.
  6. In Select Project Name, select the desired project.
  7. Click Import to import the file.
  8. Associate the imported file with their corresponding task fields.
  9. In Select date format, select the date format of the imported file.
  10. Click Continue.
  11. A warning message about applying default values to mismatched fields is displayed.
  12. Click OK to continue the import. A flash message about the scheduled import is displayed.


  • All the tasklist available in the imported file are listed in the Classic View.
  • If you map the TASK OWNER to it's corresponding xls field, and continue to import, the Import XLS File wizard is displayed. In this wizard, you can choose to leave the tasks unassigned or associate the xls users to project users.

While importing, if you map only the TASKLIST ID, the corresponding tasklist alone is imported, even if there are identical tasklist names. However, if you map the TASKLIST NAME, all the available tasklist with the given tasklist name are imported irrespective of their tasklist ID.


TASKLIST NAME Mapped Field Name
Imported Tasklist
1234 Edit Template Tasklist ID Edit Template -1234
5678 Edit Template Tasklist Name Edit Template-1234 and Edit Template-5678

Integrate Dropbox account

With Zoho Projects Dropbox Integration, you can share files that matters the most from your Dropbox account into Zoho Projects documents area and vice versa to simplify your work and ramp up your productivity.


  • Portal Owner and Joint Admins alone can configure Dropbox account for your portal in Zoho Projects.
  • Dropbox integration is available only in Premium and Enterprise (Monthly and Yearly) paid plans.
  1. In ADMIN section, click Settings.
  2. Click Dropbox Sync and then click Configure your Dropbox sync.
    Dropbox Sync
  3. In Configure Dropbox Account tab, click Configure New Dropbox Account to create your dropbox account.
    Dropbox login
  4. If you have configured more than one dropbox account, in Configure Dropbox Account tab, select the dropbox account to integrate into Zoho Projects.
    Dropbox wizard
  5. In Select Folders tab, select the dropbox folder and then in Active Project, choose the project to associate the dropbox account.
    Select folders
  6. In Folder, select the folder for the dropbox account.
  7. Click Next.
  8. In Start Sync, click Start Sync to initiate the synchronisation.
    Start the Sync process

The sync process supported by Zoho are Sync Once and Sync Continuously

Sync Once - Files are synced from your Dropbox into Zoho Projects and vice versa only one once.

Sync Continuous- Files are synced from your Dropbox into Zoho Projects and vice versa as and when files are uploaded or updated in Zoho Projects and Dropbox.

The sync status is displayed in Dropbox Configuration view along with 4 different status buttons

  1. Sync Once - Single headed arrow in Green indicates that you've set Sync Once for file updates.
  2. Sync Continuous - Double headed arrow in Green indicates that you've set Sync Continuously for file updates.
  3. Stop Sync - Blue color button when clicked stops the sync operation for this project.
  4. Delete Sync - Red color button when clicked deletes sync operation for this configuration.
Sync status view

Details about folders and file upload

  1. Can select any number of sub folders from your Dropbox and map it to any particular folder in Zoho Projects
  2. Only one-to-one mapping of folders is supported in Zoho. But you can map another from same Dropbox account
  3. Supports mapping of folders between two different languages in Zoho
  4. Latest updates gets synced for every 1 minute time interval between Zoho Projects and Dropbox and vice versa
  5. File names are unique in Dropbox, so every update of same file is maintained as next version in Dropbox
  6. File names are not unique in Zoho Projects, so every version of Dropbox file is added as new file in Zoho
  7. Max file limit per upload is 125MB in Zoho Projects
  8. Max file transfer limit is 125MB for instant upload and 300MB for scheduled upload i,e for Sync Once / Continuously

Messages with explanations for Dropbox Integration

Messages Description
Sync scheduler starts The sync operation has been properly started.
Dropbox Fetch Success Your files from DropBox are successfully copied into documents area.
Dropbox Push Success Your files from Zoho Projects are successfully copied in Dropbox.
Dropbox Sync Success Your files from DropBox are properly synced in Zoho Projects
Sync stopped The sync operation is successfully completed.
Disk Space exceeded Maximum allocated disk space reached for your portal.
Folder not found The folder you specified is not present or must have been deleted.
Unauthorised to delete You are not authorized to uninstall Dropbox configuration in Zoho Projects
Path not found Sorry, the specified folder path is not found. Please provide the correct path.
Too many entries Your file size in the folder has crossed the maximum allocated file limit of 10000.
Unable to access file Unable to access your file in Zoho Projects.
User Over Quota You've crossed your maximum allocated space for this account.
File size more than allocated Your file is too large to be uploaded in Zoho Projects.
Dropbox not reachable Cannot access the DropBox account specified by you. Please try again.


ZSC key is used to access Zoho Projects modules in other services. The generated key and email id should be provided to other services. In addition, with the ZSC key you can import your contacts stored in Zoho CRM and Zoho Business.


You need to click Regenerate Key. When you click regenerate the ZSC Key, it will delete the existing key and will regenerate a new one. So after regenerating, you need to provide this new key for your needs.

Regenerate ZSC Key

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