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Business Rules

Business Rule is a kind of filter that you can apply to all your bugs. You can define Business Rules that enables you to organize the bugs and perform action such as changing the severity, status, module, classification and assigning the bug to a user. Business Rule gets triggered when the bug is created and whenever there is an update in that bug.

Set a New Business Rule

1. Log into your Zoho Projects portal either as a portal administrator / joint administrator. Go to Bugs tab and click Bug Settings link.

Bug Settings

2. Here you can find Business Rules option. Click this link and the Business Rule form opens

Business rule icon

3. You can also find help snippets which provides useful tips to understand and create business rules for your project.

Help snippet

4. Click Add Rule button from the right menu panel and this opens the Add Rule form. Now provide the basic details like rule name and description and Click Next button.

New business rule

5. This displays the Execute On section. You need select an action based on which the business rule gets executed.

The four options provided are:

  1. Create - Executes the business rule when a record is created in Contacts Module
  2. Edit - Executes the business rule when an existing record is edited in Contacts Module
  3. Create or Edit - Executes the business rule when a new record is created or edited in Contacts Module
  4. Field Update - Executes the business rule when the chosen fields are updated

After selecting your option Click Next and this displays the Criteria section

Execute On

6. Here specify your required critierias for the above business rules. Use More Criteria option and provide as many criterias for your business rule and Click Next button


7. This opens the Actions section. You can specify a maximum of 7 field updates to each action for a business rule. The bug fields gets automatically updated with the values specified for corresponding fields when the business rule gets triggered.

For Example, If you set Severity to Critical in actions whenever this business rule gets executed the Severity column is set to Critical for the bugs.


8. If you are in Enterprise plan and have enabled the Support BugTracker integration. You can set your own business rules for the bugs filed from Zoho Support using Update Support option of Business Rules in BugTracker

As an example: If you wish to add a comment when the bug is closed in BugTracker you can do so by setting this has a business rule using Update Support option in BugTracker.

This business rule gets triggered when you close a bug in BugTracker and simultaneouely a comment gets automatically updated for the corresponding ticket in Zoho Support.

Update Zoho Support

Edit, delete and reorder business rules

To edit an existing business rule:

You can make use of edit and delete links to edit or delete business rule anytime in BugTracker. Click Edit link present next to a business rule. This displays a edit dialog box

Edit business rule

Make required changes to the business rule like changing the criterias, description, adding more actions and click Save Rule button saves updates your business rule.

Edit business rule

To delete a business rule :

You can delete the business rule that are not required by you using the delete link present next to a business rule. Furthermore, before deleting you need to move / update the bugs to another rule and then delete it.

Delete business rule

You can also reorder business rules as per your needs. For this click the double headed arrows present next to the Business Rules title. This redirects to the reorder view.

Reorder rule

In the reorder view, you can simply drag & drop to order your business rules. Click Save Rule Order button saves the latest order.

Save rule

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