Getting Started Guide

Manage Bugs

The bugs view provides a consolidated view of the progress of bugs. You can view bugs as a list in List View or as Kanban cards in Kanban View.

In both the bug views you can:

Add a bug

In Projects, select the required project and then click Bugs. Click the List view or Kanban view.


Click the Plus icon at the top right corner to submit a bug. Specify other bug details such as Problem Title, Problem Description and so on.


You can also add bugs by clicking the Submit Bug available in the kanban card.

Note: You can filter bugs based on Status, Assignee, Severity, Time, Module, Classification and Milestone.

Edit a bug

In Kanban view or List view, click to open the selected bug. Modify the bug details and save the changes.


Remote assist for bugs

The Remote Assist option is available only if the bug is assigned to you. When you click this option, it invites the bug reporter to share their screen with the assignee so that the assignee can assist better in resolving the issue.


More about the Edit Bug screen

While editing a bug, you can navigate to the next bug without leaving the page. You can also move to the next bug using the Up and Down navigation keys in the keyboard.


You can edit the bug properties such as Project Name, Associated Milestone, Assign to, Due on, Status, Severity and so on.

You can also move bugs from one project to another in Project Name. Once a bug is moved, all data associated with the bug is also moved.

 Further, you can associate the bug to a new milestone in Associated Milestone.


You can click Edit to update the bug description.


Add comments while modifying the bug.


Add attachments while modifying the bug.


You can resolve bugs while editing itself.


Add log hours for the bug.

link bugs

Link and classify related bugs.

View the activity history.


Clone bugs to create another copy of the bug. The Clone Bug option is available at the bottom of the Edit Bug screen.


Add followers for the bug. The Add Followers option is available at the bottom of the Edit Bug screen.


Delete a Bug

In Kanban view or List view, click to open the selected bug, and then click Delete Bugs at the bottom of the Edit Bug screen. bug-delete

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