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Project Users

Project user who works for the project with access privileges like view milestones, add/edit tasks, upload files in a project, post a topic in forums. The project user can be of the following roles Admins, Manager, Employee.

Project Users

Go to a Project. Here you can find the Users tab.

Users Tab

Click Users tab from the menu. This loads the Users View. Here you can find Projects and Client User icons in the top panel.

Click Add User icon displays the Add User form.

Add User link
  1. Type the email address of the user; choose a user role
  2. Click Add User button

This provides access to the project along with the selected role (like Manager, Employee, Admin etc).

Project Users

An invite mail is sent to the project user along with the login credentials.

Invite Project Users


View of Project Users :

Project Users

To send a message :

  1. Click Send Message link
  2. This opens a message dialog box
  3. Type a subject and your message
  4. Select the users whom you wish to send the message
  5. Click Send Message button

This sends the message for the selected users. By default a copy of the message sent is delivered to you.

Send Message

To edit a project user :

  1. Mouseover user name displays edit / delete icons.
  2. Click Edit Profile button.
Edit Role
  1. Change the user role or update projects.
  2. Click Update button.

This updates the user profile with new user role.

Edit Project User


To delete a project user :

  1. Mouseover user name displays edit / delete icons.
  2. Click trash can icon.
  3. An alert message Do you want to remove this user from this project is displayed.
  4. Click Delete User button.
Note: User is deleted only from this project. To delete from the portal, contact your portal administrator.
Delete Project User

If the Do you want to notify ? checkbox is selected. Then an autogenerated mail is sent to the user email address about he/she being removed from the project.

Deactivate Project

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