Zoho Projects API for Developers
This API gets deprecated on September 30th, 2014. Our new REST API V 2.0 reference is here.

About Zoho Projects API

Zoho Projects provides REST style Web APIs over HTTP. With this API, users/developers can extend their web applications to push or pull data into or from Zoho Projects for application mashups. As the API is purely HTTP based, your application could be in any of the programming languages like Java,Python, ASP etc., to use the same.

Accessing the API

The Zoho Projects API uses simple REST calls. All calls are POST requests to a URL of the form https://projectsapi.zoho.com/portal/[portalname]/api/private/[format]/methodname?parameters

methodname is one of the API methods.
parameters are query parameters passed as POST input.
format is one of the required output formats (xml/json)

All methods return an XML or JSON document whose top-level object is a containing method-dependent information.

User Authentication

The users need to have an Auth Token for accessing the Zoho Projects API. The Auth Token is required for authenticating the user for a particular Zoho service.