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Signed up for #Zoho Project Management Software never looking back, what an awesome program : Zoho‏W5WebDesigns

Was ich in den letzten Wochen echt lieb gewonnen hab: @zoho und @zohoprojects. Sehr geiles Tool.


[ English Translation ] What have I gained really nice in the last few weeks:zoho andzohoprojects. Very cool tool.‏el_pibe12
Philipp Maisel

Die halbe Nacht @JIRA getested. Dieses Tool ist ein Monster, aber ich befürchte zu monströs für unsere Projekte. @zohoprojects bleibt Nr. 1


[ English Translation ] Half the night @ JIRA tested. This tool is a monster, but I fear too monstrous for our projects. @ Zohoprojects remains No. 1.ruckipucky

@zoho Just wanted to let you know that we love #zohoprojects so much! It helps us work more #productive, #focus and #prioritize! Thank you!‏juliastanescu

#ZohoBugtrucker integration with #ZohoReports worked for me after one click. Good job @Zoho ! Developers performance stats among projects !miron3m
Miron Matecki

Have you tried Zoho Projects yet? See how it could change your life here! #Zoho #ProjectManagement.idynamics1

Zoho projects is pretty darn good for managing a team of marketers @zohoprojects.mcraegj

Shoot. I love @zohoprojects. Thanks @zoho!ewestesen
Erik Westesen

Very good changes made in @zoho Projects! Interface looks much better! I loved! #ThanksADNdeAdrian

Enjoying the new Compact View on @zohoprojects #upgradeEuanACameron
Euan Cameron

Played with #Zoho projects - Great project management tool! Very easy to use. #projectmanagement #tool #productivityjuliastanescu

Make it easier to work on the same task with @ZohoProjects #projectmanagement @compcloudware compcloudware
Compare Cloudware

Improve Team Collaboration with Zoho Projects -

Just put my Business Plan into @zoho Projects, simple and now it makes more sense! What do you use?shhsecretary

Amazing how much a font change can do for a website. Good job @zohoprojects.DeelipK
Deelip Khanal

I love love zoho project! I have used in for wok, both freelance and full time employee. Right now I'm using it to pm my wedding :-)broke_grove

In my eternal quest to find a good task management system, I am currently trying Zoho Projects.
Anne Osterrieder

Zoho Projects- How it has defeated other Tools of Project Management?

Zoho Projects- How it has defeated other Tools of Project Management?: Zoho Projects is an effe... @XclueSIVgrouppakalert
Pakalert Press

Every minute I spend at ZOHO Projects I find out more functionality that will make our process better and easier and our employees happierMijnzoho

Fiquei hj o dia inteiro trabalhando no ZOHO projects e até agora ele tem me surpreendido, parabéns a zoho. henrique_lim4
Henrique Lima

Started using Zoho projects work. Looked at a lot of task managers, this one is looking like the best.mountaintao

Enjoying working with @zohoprojects ... opening up real possibilities for our businessbigdecisionweb
Big Decision

@zohoprojects Wow. I'm impressed. Aren't you based in the US? Middle of the night? Even if not that's impressive response time. :)JesperBylund

As a company we're moving towards using @zoho projects and it's awesome. Such a simple intuitive tool.Cpollara
Chris Pollara

If you want to develop a project plan for your business, I suggest to take a look this: Zoho Projects (Free),281… via @pcmagjmsilva64

Zoho Projects is such a great tool for managing and tracking projects and helping me stay on-track myselflookadoo
Dana Lookadoo

Playing around with @ZohoProjects. Beats the heck out of Basecamp from a management standpoint. Global project calendars ftw.samcoren
Sam Coren

Stop the planet! Has anyone realised how great Zoho Projects is? Dynamic calendar updates and Google Calendar sync. Class!dna30

Zoho Projects Review - @zohoprojects overall a great product! #reviews #projectmanagementreorgco
Natasha Murashev

Wow! Zoho Projects just keeps getting better and better.. check out their new interface. Now they have a wiki included in the project.boisebarbara
Barbara Schroeder

I love Zoho. I think it's better that Google Docs. Lately we have been using Zoho Projects. Everyone loves it.edutek
Denis - From the demo video it looks lovely. Would love to use it sometime and see. Way to go Zoho!haxplorer

I love Zoho projects in Brazil, but more integration is good, Projects and mail, contacts, calendar, chat, meeting, CRM.....Rodrigo Aguiar
Technologia, Brazil

I recommend Zoho Projects for Project Management Collaborations. Fast, Neat & Easy. Besides, its fun to shoot tasking arrows in therekeizng
FAME Republic

wah!! just started to play with Zoho Project Great PM tool with bug tracking and Google Apps integrationbitsmedia
Erwan Macé

I'm officially convinced that #Zoho is better than #Basecamp!
Mohammed J. Razem

Inexpensive project management/collaboration integrated w/ Google: - the quest for adequate PM tools continuesdebbiecarraway
Debbie Carraway

Beyond Project Planning...Try Work Smarter & Faster so you can rest and enjoy lifeUjenziBora
Ujenzi Bora

The google apps ZOHO integration rocks! a lot that small businesses wanted to do with a single sign on!
Arun Prabhu

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Project Mgmt: After using Basecamp, Zoho 1.0, Huddle, DeskAway, Huddle,, activeCollab, we've settled on Zoho Projects 2.0!YoYoSEO
Yo! Yo! SEO

@Richard_Messik we've moved from Huddle to #Zoho Projects after trying out basecamp and a few others. So far we are very happy with our moveantonygartua
Anton Ygartua

@JeremyRudy Definitely a fan of Zoho Projects too. Especially being able to upload project files and create dependent task lists.nikpuni
Nik Pun

Haven't used Zoho in a while. Just opened up Zoho Projects and am blown away by ease of use. And, it's freeeeeeeeeee. Props, Zoho!Krochmal
Mo Krochmal

ppl check out zoho projects, real cool project management tool- very responsive and on time customer service!priya_srini
J.K. priyadarshini