Bug tracking software - Zoho Projects Bug tracking software - Zoho Projects

Easy Allocation and Single-view Management

Administrators can configure permissions based on status, move the bug to another status, or delete the bug.

Easy Workflow Setups

You can define individual workflows for different projects. Each workflow can have as many steps as required.

Consistent Bug Reporting and Automation

Zoho Projects ensures that the person reporting the bug includes all the necessary facts. You can define Business Rules that enables you to organize the bugs and perform action such as changing the severity, priority, the module, the issue type etc.

Configure Notification Patterns

Configure notifications when a bug is assigned to you, when it got created or resolved, when the bug status changes as per your needs.

Issue Tracking with Project Management

The Issue Tracking tool integrates well with Zoho Projects. The Administrators can now manage bugs along with all other project-related tasks from a single place.

Zoho Projects Bug Tracker provides an easy way to track and resolve bugs.