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  • - Mark Coyne,, Education: “ We have a dispersed leadership team from coast to coast. I looked at a number of different collaborative solutions and was very impressed with Zoho. The price was very reasonable, the functionality is very extensive, and I have had very good response from the support staff in responding to issues and inquiries. In addition, they are also continually adding to the functionality based on customer input ”
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Zoho Projects Now Integrate With Google Apps

Zoho Projects is a team collaboration and project management application that allows teams to plan, track and collaborate on everyday activities and big projects with external customers. With the new integration, Google Apps users can login to Zoho Projects using their Google Apps sign-in info. Users can then upload their documents from Google Docs to Zoho Projects directly. Any tasks, meetings or activities in Zoho Project will automatically bee updated in Google Calendar. And Zoho Projects gadgets can be embedded within Gmail, iGoogle and any other OpenSocial compatible sites.


The integration comes on the heels of the initial roll out of Google’s own all-in-one, futuristic collaboration tool, Google Wave. But despite facing competition from the big guns like Microsoft and Google, Zoho continues to remain as a player in the document management space thanks to continuous innovations and iterations to its products. It’s almost reminiscent of’s strategy.


Top 10 Web Collaboration Tools (That Aren't Google Wave)

It's hard to jump in and describe the best features about Zoho's vast suite of online editing and group organization tools, because so much changes on a week-to-week basis. That said, if you find Google Docs to be impressive for a single user, but not a great back-and-forth facilitator, Zoho is where you should look next.

It's able to handle both the lower-level tasks of group editing, document sharing, and other work, as well as the milestone tracking, group chat, invoice creation, and other tasks needed by teams that aren't sitting right next to each other. It's good stuff, and it's free.


Manage Projects Online Without Breaking the Bank Using Zoho Projects 2.0

Zoho has released a major update to Zoho Projects, its online project management system that allows you to share projects with your team via the web. Zoho Projects 2.0 could be a tempting service for small- to medium-sized organizations that cannot afford Microsoft Project, the "gold standard" for project management in the enterprise.


Several plans are available, including a free account that enables you to manage one project. That free account has unlimited users, which is a great way to get your feet wet. Create an account, invite all your team members, and give Zoho Projects a test drive before splashing out on one of the beefier plans.


Zoho Project 2.0 Enhances the Social Side of Project Management

On the UI side they added the capability for multiple portals and multiple projects within a portal. This allows you to have both better organization and better access to the many things you might be working on.

There is an activity stream lets you see the latest activities either across projects or for a specific project. It is auto-generated by user activities but you can add manual messages Twitter style. You can also start a discussion on an activity in the activity stream.


Zoho Projects Review

I think Zoho Projects is an extremely powerful tool for managing projects. The wide range of useful and applicable tools it offers its users are both powerful but at the same time extremely simple to use and navigate. I believe that this web application would be useful for small businesses and project teams.

Whether it can handle extremely large project teams is another issue but I think it could quite possibly do the job. Just like all the other applications Zoho offers, this tool has exceeded my expectations and I will quite happily use it in the future.


Zoho Projects Keeps teams focussed and In Touch

Online office suite Zoho enters the project management realm with a few attention-getting features. One is import support for Microsoft Project files, and another is a consolidated, real-time view of what's going on with, and between, project members.

Zoho's Projects 2.0 provides a "Project Stream" that shows a condensed view of all the latest project activity, group chat rooms and forums for back-and-forth discussions, wikis and live document collaboration, and a tabbed interface that seems pretty navigable for anyone.All in all, it expands on Zoho's strengths and further separates the suite from its Google Docs competition.


Review of Zoho Projects: Project Management Tool

Zoho Projects is an online project management tool. As a Web-based project planning tool, it provides a way for the small business owner or manager to plan, manage, and track a project from start to finish.

For the busy small business owner or manager who is probably working from a tight timeline and small budget, Zoho Projects is an intuitive, easy-to-use project manager tool.

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