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Zoho Projects: Online Project Management

Zoho Projects is part of a wider group of web based and hosted applications, the Zoho weboffice suite offered by Zoho/Adventnet Inc. The Opensource arm of the company is currently developing vTiger CRM, a SugarCRM fork that has gone it’s own path.

Zoho Project -- Online Project Management Suite

A small review on Zoho Project, which strives to support one project for free in the free version and more projects as per plan purchased for higher versions. At least for startup and small companies, freelancers this would be a great boon.
Lavanya Deepak

Online Project Management Review

This project management software has a short learning curve, but its ease of use owes mainly to the software’s lack of features. While Zoho Projects features essential project management and collaboration options (like task management, Gantt charts and email integration), it’s short on resource management and budgeting features.
Zoho Projects acts more as a glorified to-do list than a full-fledged project management software like our higher-ranked choices.
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Review of Project Management Tools

I love Zoho to bits. Ive told many friends about it, and even the forum moderators in Zoho. To me, Zoho projects is almost on the brink of perfection, except for some minor bugs and wishful features I really want; such as integration with Zoho Calendar (which is nice to drag and drop), and offline synchronisation of documents.
Zoho Projects is Google Docs in a project management suit. It has a wonderful multiple portals and projects management which allow users to change portals and projects easily. The calendar features is easy to use and Zoho Write (MS version of Ms word) and Zoho Sheet (MS version of excel) is very friendly (:
Keizng Technically Keizophrenic

Technology for the Busy Professional

Documents and spreadsheets and task management: Take a look at Zoho Projects for great office performance. It allows you to keep track of projects for yourself and your team and interact with tasks on the web.. Excellent tool for multiple projects.
Wise Women Investor

Doing More with Less is a services based WEB 2.0 website that has more than 20 applications. I am intrigued with the Project Management section. We are using a commercial professional program to manage the 4 projects that make up the one large schedule for this ship we are building, but day to day details are managed by fire drill. Using a program like ZOHO would give our leaders the ability to communicate and manage the entire team, using the same methods we use to manage construction. Tasks, Milestones, Document Sharing, Forums, Milestones, Calendar (my favorite), Time Tracking, and Gantt charts are included in this package.
I can see this as a valuable tool to eliminate the fire drills I am seeing every day - lost information, missed deadlines, people left out of the loop, people not notified of upcoming material needs, waiting, waiting, waiting, etc.

Zoho Office FTW

Zoho Projects lets you manage one project for free, so I loaded up my first Dosovo client project and started working through the project details. I could create task lists and milestones, upload and create documents (via Zoho Writer and Zoho Sheet), track my time via time sheets and give clients access to the process to see things moving along.
Things worked so smoothly for the first project, I ponied up $8 and upgraded to the next subscription level (allowing me to track more projects at once) and added two other projects with similar tasks, goals and time sheets.

Project Management with Zoho

I’ve been trying out project management options, looking for a way to track everyone’s todo lists, meetings, time and clients in one place. I’ve eventually landed on Zoho Projects and purchased a paid account. I’m really happy with the options it provides and the interface it uses.
Zoho provides Gantt charts, calendars and timers. It also has file sharing and storage, with the space determined by your payment plan. By the way, Zoho is 100% free for open source projects. You can put tasks on a timeline, along with meetings and major milestones, and then see them in different formats.
Overall, I’m very impressed, and for most purposes, Zoho is very affordable. If you’re looking at project management solutions, be sure to add this to your list to check out
Circle Six Design

Zoho Projects - Pictorial Overview

There’s a variety of ways this tool can be used to manage a project. For the moment, I’ve decided that I’d layout milestones, and then for each milestone I’d define tasks. In my example, I added one task list per milestone ("readiness" tasks) but you could actually have many task lists per milestone – or one or more task lists not associated with a milestone ...
There’s tons more here. Meetings scheduling, messaging, project reports, forums and who knows what else I missed. I like that the company logo can be added. I’ve not looked at the other candidates yet, but this definitely seems like it’d fit the bill for what we’re after. Performance is good, key features all seem to be there.
Solo Technology

Zoho Projects vs. 37 Signals Basecamp: Simplifying Project Management

[Zoho Projects] offers multiple options for categorizing and keeping track of tasks (% complete, duration, priority, e-mail notifications, and notes). You have one-click navigation to most sections of Zoho Projects. You can even swap between projects from any screen - making this a much more efficient tool for those managing multiple projects ...
Other valuable features include "Forums" (a more robust version of Basecamp’s writeboard), and the "Reports" section (which automatically displays basic GANTT charts based on your tasks’ settings) ... all in all Zoho Projects is simply superior for those project managers who are looking for a relatively easy to use online project management tool. And surprisingly, the subscription versions of Zoho Projects are less expensive than those from Basecamp.
R3R - Internet Marketing & Consulting

Free Alternatives to Microsoft Project

The team at Zoho is one of the coolest "Web 2.0" companies out there. Their online office suite includes tools for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, note-taking, wikis, CRM, project management, invoicing and other applications. Being web-native, all Zoho applications are operating system independent.
It [Zoho Projects] supports creating tasks, ownership, setting deadlines and tracking milestones; working with calendars, Gantt charts, reports, share supporting files—all the cool features expected in a project management package.
Project Management the 2.0 Way

Zoho Projects

What I can say is that from what I have seen, Zoho Projects is very comprehensive project management solution. The feature set is everything you would expect from any other project management application - there are tasks, milestones, calendars, meetings, time sheets, reports, forums, even a documents area where users can upload documents related to the project.
The interface is beautiful. The entire thing is run through Ajax, and once you are logged in and into your project, I didn’t see a single page load - it’s all wonderfully smooth and a prime example of a rich web application.
Zoho Projects is awesome and I don’t think that’s an understatement either. The Zoho team developers seem to push out new products so quickly and they are all of a very high standard. Zoho Projects is, in my opinion, by far the most impressive Zoho offering yet. It blows away other online project management solutions like Basecamp, not only because of its Ajax pageload-free interface, but the feature set rivals and exceeds that of Basecamp.

Zoho Projects - Become a Project Manager

Zoho Projects is a very easy to setup and use web based project management application. It took me just under 5 minutes to get going. It provides all the necessary features in the free version and its ease of use could well prompt some businesses to upgrade to the Premium Version.
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Customer Testimonial

During our software implementation, Zoho Projects has proven to be a perfect instrument to track progress, detail requirements and keep all communication and documents in one central place. Best of all is that CRM Asia Solutions made Zoho Projects available to us as part of their standard project approach. This has significantly contributed to the overall project success!

- Jeroen de Bruin, Sales & Marketing, Eurail

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